Alternatives with swing doors




Scandistrip Carbo is ideal for places with hard trafic and where you want to separate two different environments.

The choice of hygienic material makes it perfect to use in the food industry.

The basically aesthetic construction and the range of colours for panels makes it suitable to be used in stores and supermarkets.

The door blade is made in crystal clear 5 mm hard polycarbonate giving an outstanding transparency and an uninterrupted view of the activity on the other side of the door.  


Scandistrip CarbOpal swing door can be used in the same areas as Carbo.

The door blade is made in 5mm hard Opalwhite polycarbonate.


For longer lifetime and special purposes all types of doors can be delivered with black bumpers and with panels in various colours.

All doors are delivered with a rubber safety seal mounted on the back edge of the door blade in order to prevent accidents.