Alternatives with strip-curtains


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Scandistrip partitions hung from ceiling to floor will make dramatic reductions in heating costs as well as protecting from environmental conditions, such as dust, water, smell splash, draft and much more.

Scandistrip partitions are also an economical and faster alternative to hard wall structures.

The partitions can easy be mounted as either a fixed curtain or a manual or motorized sliding curtain.

Partition in a work-shop

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Partition on a waste station


Partition in paint-shop



Sometimes only the fantasy sets the limit


Dividing of working place


The Scandistrip partitions are the flexible way to   improve the working environment.         

The partitions can be produced in numerous product options as well as in various colours.

Replacement strips and hardware are also available.

For motorized opening see under: Sliding door GM


Partition in a slaugtery