Alternatives with strip-curtains



Scandistrip transparent  strip curtains are the most inexpensive and cost effective way of reducing heat loss through an open doorway.

Numerous product options, including coloured marker side strip are available.

The strip curtains, which give full visibility, are very easy to fit on the unique Scandistrip hanging system.

The Scandiflex curtain can also be supplied in a special polar grade to cope with low temperatures down to -40°.

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  • FLEXIBILITY The Scandiflex curtains are the flexible way to improve the working environment.
  • SAFETY With the Scandiflex curtains comes a major safety bonus: you can see vehicles, pedestrians or machinery on the other side of the curtain.
  • CUTTING HEATLOSS The Scandiflex curtains have the ability to cut heat loss from busy external doorways, which makes them a tremendous investment.