Alternatives with strip-curtains



Welding flash can be extremely harmful to the unprotected eyes of other workers, but can be virtually eliminated by the use of Scandistrip welding curtains and screens.

The Scandistrip welding curtains can be mounted as a fixed curtain, but can also be fitted in a special sliding track for manual or motordriven operation.

Welding curtains can be made in virtually any size



Welding curtain in UV-red quality


Portable welding screens



Automatic curtain for welding robot


Divider of welding booth


The high visibility welding curtain is particularly practical. It effectively absorbs UV radiation, yet allows almost unimpeded two-way vision, thus aiding supervision and safety.

The Scandistrip automatic welding curtain is the ideal solution for protection against splatter and UV transmission from the welding robot.

The operator is able to control the process from a safe vantage point outside the welding area.


 Welding curtain in bronze-quality